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"The Force can be bent to your will, but often there is a cost. The most powerful rituals of the dark side exact a toll few are willing to pay." - Lord Cthuthlu Jan'ari

You have answered my call. You have come to me, seeking the ancient secrets and power that is mine to control. Serve me well and you shall prosper and live life eternal. The galaxy is yours for the taking. Go forth and spread my message. Crush all who oppose our will. The old imperial regime has outgrown its purpose. Now is the time for a new empire. Our empire. So says Cthuthlu. So say you all.

Welcome to The Call of Cthuthlu. We are a small but growing  RP guild on the Lord Ieldis server of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our focus is to enhance game play by acting cooperatively in Flashpoints and Heroics. Asssiting guildmates with class quests and generally taking advantage of every aspect this game offers. Remember we are only as strong as our weakest link. So please take the time whenever possible to assist our lower level members.

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Guild Merger Proposed

Cthuthlu, Apr 11, 12 5:56 PM.
Good afternoon everyone.

A very interesting offer was made to me today in regards to our guild. The Imperial guild Ordium Lupus has offered to merge with The Call. We would become Ordium Lupus and take full guild control. Our ranking structure would stay intact as would your current guild status.

The benefits of this merger would be increased membership to us as a whole. A fully established voice server for those of you who wish to use Ventrillo. Lastly, officer positions within their established Republic guild Order of the Wolf. The order currently has a member compliment of over 50 so the benefits are quite obvious.

With that being said I would like to know how our existing guild membership stands on this proposal. I want to know who opposes this and who would like to see it happen. The floor is yours...voice your opinions.

Sister Guild - Ex Oblivione

Cthuthlu, Apr 8, 12 10:58 AM.
Zoth'Ommog will be floating around Republic Fleet this weekend as part of our push into Republic territory in preparation for the upcoming Legacy patch. Those interested in joining our sister guild Ex Oblivione should contact him when they are ready to do so.

In the meantime...Happy Easter (to those who celebrate) and have a good weekend. For those who don't...just remember its 4 weeks till International Star Wars Day :)

Weekend Onslaught on Dromund Kaas

Cthuthlu, Mar 28, 12 3:05 PM.
This coming weekend I would like to assemble a group to take on the various Champions spread across Dromund Kaas. While this won't be of much benefit to our higher level members as it will be to our newer ranks, it nonetheless will be fun and show us just how well we can work together as a group. I feel this will be an important test for us as the level gap narrows between us all and we can start tackleing the more harder fights, including Ops missions, Flashpoints (reg and HM) and going for those incredibly fun World Boss battles.

Please contact myself, Ran, E3 or Draygon to sign up. Soon as we get a group we'll plan on a starting time :)


Cthuthlu, Mar 26, 12 12:26 AM.
It has been a busy couple of days. In 24 hours we have increased our membership by 4. Please remember all levels of guild rank have the authority to invite new members to our fold. Spread the Call but please, do NOT issue out blind invites to players. Do have the courtesy to ask them before extending an invitation.

Also, many of our new members are just starting out. I would appreciate seeing everyone helping your guildmates whenever possible. To our new recruits, I would ask that you have patience with our higher level members as they too are in progress of furthering their storylines and building their legacies as you are. We will come to your aid as soon as we are able.

Glory to the Call....Glory to our Empire
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